The best Security Walk Through Metal Detectors on the planet

Higher Sensitivity

Zorpro Claims better sensitivity than competing manufacturers

Lower Cost

Our Zorpro Security systems are priced to fit within all budgets

High Quality

All our metal detectors come with a 2 yr warranty.

Fast Setup & Install

All our archway detectors can be installed and assembled in 20min by a beginner.


Court & Correctional Facilities

Our Zorpro metal detectors are perfect fit for courthouses, correctional facilities, prisons and other robust applications


Many schools with violence and threats are already switching over to walk through metal detectors to help keep kids safe! 


Zorpro security is exactly what stadiums and even centers are looking for to keep visitors safe and traffic moving smoothly

Why Zorpro Metal Detectors?

There are dozens of walk through metal detectors on the market so why should you choose Zorpro? Let us explain:

Before we founded Zorpro we had been in the metal detector industry for 15+ years. After watching the industry grow we noticed nearly all the walk through metal detectors on the market were high priced for any decent metal detector, and simply low quality for the cheap priced models. So we wanted to create a metal detector that had all the latest features but still came with a low price tag.

We are proud to introduce our Zorpro 33 Zone model! The 33 Zone has more features than most traditional systems. It includes a 7in touch screen, made higher quality than similar units and boasts a low price tag.

We also have our Zorpro 18 zone model that provides great pinpointing features as well as user friendly settings. All of our systems are ADA Compliant and comes with a 2 year warranty.

We know that for some of our clients price is the most important part of buying a metal detector. This is why we offer the Zorpro 6 zone. We are excited to say that the 6 zone has a lower price tag then any similar models on the metal detector market and has 100 sensitive settings. For many applications this is the perfect fit and highly recommended! We currently have year end per-motions going on for the 6 zone and we are offering the 6 zone at an extremely low price, and prices will be going up soon, so don’t miss out!

Over the past several years over 6000 of these units have been distributed around the world to schools, courthouses, sports events, churches, clubs and more. We want to make the world a safer place by providing good metal detectors at affordable prices