Voti XR3D-60 Series

Tunnel Opening:

615 mm wide x 425 mm high (24.2” x 16.7”)

Best Suited For:

Average-sized screening area that fits most use cases


Our 6 Series is our best-selling line for a reason: these systems are a great fit for most use cases and easily accommodates mail, parcels, and small and medium-sized baggage like purses, messenger bags and carry-on luggage.

These systems are a bit larger than our 5 Series  but still compact enough to fit in many areas and screen high volumes quickly, so they work well for critical infrastructure, transport, correctional facilities, as well as retail and manufacturing for employee screening.

Available with long or short conveyor, and with optional dual view.

Series 6 Use Cases

  • Mail and Parcel Screening
  • Parcel and Baggage Screening
  • Loss and Theft Prevention

Checkpoint X-ray Inspection

Voti XR3D-60

Checkpoint X-ray Inspection

Voti XR3D-60s

Checkpoint X-ray Inspection

Voti XR3D-6D