Voti XR3D-50 Series

Tunnel Opening:

550 mm wide x 350 mm high (21.7” x 13.8”)

Best Suited For:

Screening small items in areas with limited space


Our 5 Series line provides our most compact solutions, ideal for mail, small parcel, and small baggage screening.

As these systems fit in smaller areas they work perfectly for critical infrastructures, transportation and border security allowing small bags and mail items to be screened quickly and effectively.

These systems were designed to fit easily in entrances, doorways, and cramped areas so they are simple to install in any spot, particularly areas where space is tight.

Series 5 Use Cases

  • Mail and Parcel Screening
  • Loss and Theft Prevention

Correctional Facilities

Voti XR3D-50

Correctional Facilities

Voti Xr3D-50s