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Zopro 24 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

walk through metal detector zorpro 24

The Zorpro 24 Zone model is our best walk through metal detector for nearly any application. Simple to use with advanced features!

Features include:

  • Advanced 7in touch screen
  • 24 unique zones for pinpoint detection
  • 90 pre programed modes for any application
  • Automatic self calibration & Tuning
  • Easy for anyone to setup and install in 30 min

Zopro 6 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector

The Zorpro 6 Zone model is our standard base model. This walk through system comes with a low price but still includes robust features you’ll be proud of!

Features include:

  • Simple Readable Display Panel
  • 6 unique zones for pinpoint detection
  • 72 pre programed modes
  • Automatic self calibration & Tuning
  • Easy 30 min setup & Install

Why Zorpro Metal Detectors?

There are dozens of walk through metal detectors on the market so why should you choose Zorpro? Let us explain:

Before we founded Zorpro we had been in the metal detector industry for 15+ years. After watching the industry grow we noticed nearly all the metal detectors on the market were high priced for the decent metal detectors, and simply low quality for the cheap priced models. So we wanted to create a metal detector that had all the latest features but still came with a low price tag.

We are proud to introduce our Zorpro 24 Zone model! The 24 Zone has more features than most traditional systems. It includes a 7in touch screen, made higher quality than similar units and boasts a low price tag.

We know that for some of our clients price is the most important part of buying a metal detector. This is why we created the Zorpro 6 zone. We are excited to say that the 6 zone has a lower price tag then any similar models on the metal detector market. It’s not as sensitive as the 24 zone unit but will do a fine job at detecting medium to large guns, knifes and other metal objects. For many applications this is the perfect fit and highly recommended!

Over the past several years over 6000 of these units have been distributed around the world to schools, courthouses, sports events, churches, clubs and more. We want to make the world a safer place by providing good metal detectors at affordable prices.